Welcome to the faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing!

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing is one of the five colleges and one institute of the University of Battambang. Currently, the faculty has been going on a Bachelor’s Degree in horticulture, Food Processing, Animal Science and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Agriculture.

The curriculum and research are updated to meet current and future needs through the involvement of national and international partners to enable students to gain real knowledge and skills and be highly qualified after graduated. I welcome all students who are interested in pursuing a degree in agricultural science and agribusiness at the faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing.

All four of the above skills training programs are to produce human resources in response to the nation’s need for promoting sustainable economic growth. Graduates in each of the above areas will be qualified and have the opportunity to work with government institutions, national and international organizations as well as companies or enterprises.

Finally, I would like to thank my partners and teachers for their contribution to human resource development at the faculty of Agriculture and Food Processing.